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  Red poppies and budsin front of a tall beech hedge
Poppies (Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh)
Group of small ships
Leith Docks (Leith)
Bass guitarist (John Reynolds) and lead vocalist (Dominic James) playing guitar and singing
Graystar live (The Left Bank, Edinburgh)
Display of fruit and vegetables in a geometric design Green grocers display (Glasgow) Ornamental pool surrounded by peach and purpel irises
The Orangerie (Holland Park, London)
Coils of barbed wire against a cloudy sky
Barbed wire
A bank of small white flowers
Snowstorm (Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh)
Large ginger cat washing himself on a green table
Pidge (Old Chain Pier, Edinburgh)
View of the site framed by gravestones on the side of Calton HIll, with Salisbury Crags in the background
Scottish Parliament
site (Edinburgh)
  Gerry standing in the long grass with a red tiled cottage behind
at Dawn (Elie, Fife)
Close up of branches of cherry blossom against a white sky
Cherry blossom (The Meadows Edinburgh)
Edinburgh Castle from Prince's street with a frame of budding trees
Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh)
St. Paul's Cathedral seen ali
Millennium Bridge (London)
Seve ntombstones surrounded by ivy
Abney Park Cemetary
(Stoke Newington)
Gravel, and plant beds ascending towards a low pagoda
Japanese Garden (Kew Gardens, London)
Jim resting on stacking chairs in Peckham's deli backed by shleves
Jim (Peckham's, Edinburgh)
Pool with lily pads surrounded by various indoor plants
Ornamental pool (Botanical Gardens, Glasgow)
Bare trees leaning left and right surrounded by fallen leaves
Trees (Kew Gardens, London)
Jim (Peckham's, Edinburgh)
  Handsome bulldog illoking out the window of a van
(Portobello Rd, London)
Old brick generator station covered in ivy and graffitti and looking sinister

Nature Reserve (Alexander
Palace Park)

Bed of tiny purple and yellow flowers. And no I don't know what they are. Ahem.
Spring flowers (Hampstead Park, London)
View showing the sweeping curve of the shelves
The Reading Room (British Museum, London)
Arches of a broken bridge covered in ivy and standing in a lake
Folly (Warwick Castle, Warwick)
Red brick wall with a blank plastic frame that awaits an advertising poster, but has the words "white lie" sprayed on it in white paint
Graffiti (Hampstead Station, London)
Selection of border plants with yellow and purply flowers

Border plants (Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh)

Durham Cathedral (Durham)
Admiralty Arch as seen from The Mall
Admiralty Arch (London)
This is a selection of photographs I have taken over the past couple of years. I'm presenting them to demonstrate the standard of my work, but also to give a flavour of my interests, tastes and style. If you wish you can click on the links to see a full size copy. I have saved these at their full quality (as they are for demonstration purposes); this means that they will take several minutes to download if you are using a 56k modem. The photographs are presented as they were taken with minimal corrections made in Photoshop. My thanks to the unknown gardeners, stone masons and others, whose work I have captured as "found artworks".

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