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As I've stated elsewhere, my speciality is website design and development. However, this involves various skills which are transferable. I can take photographs, edit pictures and design graphics for you. This is vital in developing your website, but could come in handy for in other areas.  
I am well versed in the industry standard design aids, InDesign, and Quark XPress.These are both sophisticated applications for laying out designs involving images and text. They can handle items ranging in size from business cards to posters, and are widely used for whole books and magazines, as well as articles or adverts for submission. I am also versed in Photoshop (which can be used to create and edit pictures, designs and text, such as those you see throughout this site).  
So, if you would welcome extra help with annual reports, leaflets and flyers, or business cards, then I am able to help. I can work with you to ready these for in house publication (using Apple Works or Word, if required,) or prepare them for a professional printer. I appreciate well, how vital it can be to get that report ot the printer in time for your AGM and can work to deadline well. As with websites, if you need photographs taken, images edited, or graphics designed, I can help.  
My rates for this can be negotiated as part of a site development package, or as part of a separate arrangement.  
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